Timeless Truth Skin Enhancement Mask - Hydration

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Timeless Truth Skin Enhancement Mask - Hydration

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Boosts skin hydration, strengthens skin’s protective moisture barrier, and effectively fights against dry skin.

Papyrus extract increases the moisture of the stratum corneum and activates the protective mechanism

Hyaluronic acid quickly replenishes and locks moisture to create a moisture-locking barrier for the skin

Vitamin B5 is added to provide skin nutrition and effectively fight dry skin.

Witness the transformation of your skin in 15 minutes.

Suitable for all skin types especially Dry/Dehydrated skin.

       The African aquatic plant Cyperus Papyrus is rich with fiber and high in water content. Therefore, the plant was used by ancient Egyptians to make paper.

      Cyperus Papyrus extract acts as a very good moisturizer, retaining moisture in the epidermis, maintaining an adequate level of Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF) and lipids in the the corneous layer, as well as reinforcing the skin’s barrier function

      33ml of serum

      - Cruelty Free
      - Paraben Free
      - Bio-Degradable
      - Alcohol/ Fragrance Free

      Cleanse the face & take the mask out of its sachet; removing the protective films from both sides.

      Place the mask over the face, adjusting the positioning for eyes & mouth and leave on for 15-20 minutes.

      Once this time has elapsed, remove the mask & gently massage any remaining essence into the skin. 

      Top Tip - If there is any serum left in the packet, keep it in the fridge and use as a nightly serum until it runs out.